I am Vorapoj Jutilamtong, otherwise known as Chef Aeey and I have joined up with Boo to be her Head Chef for Boo's Kitchen in Woolloongabba.

I am from Bangkok and like Boo grew up in a family that sat around as a family and shared our food.  

I have been working as a Executive & HeadChef for over 12 years and have a voracious passion for combining flavours from different Asian cuisines. I believe knowing how to combine and balance flavors is an incredibly important cooking concept, especially evident in Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, or Japanese cooking. Every dish is so dynamic in its flavor combination to achieve a delicious balance on our taste buds.

Boo and I had a clear meeting of minds where we could bring her exquisite flavours from Isan (Northern Thailand), my flavours from Central Thailand and my passion for combining Asian flavours to create dishes that are like no other in in Australia. We both have the same family values and enjoy the fun of cooking to make people happy and of course our families get together after service to have a few drinks...

Boo and I have worked tirelessly to bring you some of these flavours in my Chef's Specials Menu and our regular menu. A few months ago I introduced traditional Boa Buns but with Thai Crispy Pork Belly with a Japanese Teriyaki Mayonnaise and with Boo changed our Steak Dish to be served with a Pea and Wasabi Puree. 

This summer, I have created a great summer salad dish with Grilled Salmon, served with fresh green apple matchsticks with a dressing that is a creation of mine - a Japanese Miso and green Apple dressing. I have worked with Boo to bring to the menu a traditional Noodle dish from Central Bangkok, where I grew up.

There are many more and I do hope you enjoy the food Boo and I bring to you.

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